225g/8oz tenderstem broccoli

225g/8oz asparagus

1 red onion, finely chopped

2TBS olive oil

2 spring onions, finely sliced

170g/6oz Red Camargue & Wild Rice, cooked

55g/2oz pecans, roasted & roughly chopped


Gremolata Vinaigrette

1 bunch flat leaf parsley

zest of 1 lemon

2TBS sherry vinegar

6TBS olive oil

2tsp Dijon mustard


Serves 6


  1. Cut the ends off the tenderstem broccoli and break the ends off the asparagus. Using a vegetable peeler, peel some of their stalks to make them thinner, they then won’t be so tough.
  2. Bring some water to the boil and put the tenderstem broccoli in. Boil for 2 mins and then add the asparagus, boil for a further 2 mins or until just tender.
  3. Pour into a colander and refresh under cold water straight away. When completely cold, wrap in kitchen roll and set aside.
  4. Slice the spring onions on the diagonal and mix with the onion.
  5. Gremolata Dressing – roughly chop the parsley, mix all of the ingredients together and season.
  6. Gently mix all of the salad ingredients & dressing together.  Serve with lemongrass and coriander chilli chicken.

Think Ahead & Helpful Hints

  • Rinse the rice in a sieve under cold water, put 3 times as much water into the pan as rice, bring to the boil, reduce the heat, cover and simmer gently for 30-35mins or until cooked.
  • Chargrill asparagus, add broad beans or finely sliced celery and mix in any herbs of your choice. Serve with chicken, fish or beef.
  • The whole salad can be prepped the day before, keeping all components separate. Do not dress until just before serving.

Red Camargue & Wild Rice, Tenderstem Broccoli & Asparagus Salad in Gremolata